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Physical properties  
Appearance and properties Colorless and transparent, heavy volatile liquid, with special odor.
Melting point (℃) -63.5
Relative density (water=1) 1.50
Boiling point(℃) 61.3
Relative vapour density (air=1) 4.12
Molecular formula CHCl3
Molecular weight 119.39
Saturated vapor pressure(kPa) 13.33(10.4℃)
Critical temperature(℃) 263.4
Critical pressure(MPa) 5.47
Log Koc of octanol/moisture distribution coefficient 1.97
  Raw material for organic synthesis. It is mainly used in producing Feon (F-21, F-22, F-23), dyestuff, and medicine. It can also be used as solvent and extractant for antibiotics, spice, grease, resin and rubber.
Hazards identification   
Emergency treatment   
Fire protection  
Accidental release measures   
Operation and storage   
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